Good sense is the best defense when times are strange

Too many people suffer in silence when they can’t make ends meet.  Their deprivation is inexcusable.  The fact that it’s tolerated is extremely strange in a country as rich as ours.  It’s even stranger when this is considered normal. Logic and good sense tell us otherwise.

For The Family encourages vulnerable people and families to speak out in our Family Town Hall Series every spring and fall.  Our Family Forums are streamed live on Facebook/ForTheFamilyTampa.  Our goal is to build awareness that creates outrage and brings positive change.

Perhaps the strangest thing of all is when a man of God who sincerely seeks positive change considers our approach to be too logical for people to understand and support.  That actually happened today.

God help us all if things are so strange that logic cannot stand against the irrational tide.  I refuse to believe it.  THANKS for proving me right by caring about people (especially the deprived and vulnerable) whenever you can and wherever you are.  Blessings…Ward

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