Cooperation Makes the Golden Rule Shine


For The Family creates partnerships that connect communities and cultures. We harness the collective strength of organizations that have earned Excellence in Service acclaim because of the good they do. They understand the importance of spreading Kindness of the Heart, and the bottom line benefits of getting involved.

We create top quality professional videos that convey their Excellence in Service and publicize their accomplishments in other ways. Every partnership advances our mission to honor the Golden Rule and encourage people to be each other’s keeper.

Our agency is pleased to collaborate with such caring organizations, and portray the people who are nominated for Family Flame Awards in videos
they help facilitate. Together, we assertively convey the power of the positive through Kindness of the Heart. Together, we counter the poisonous negativity and chaos that increases distrust, hostility, and conflict.

Kindness of the Heart also features videos that For The Family creates to:

  • Encourage elementary school students to care about others in Kindness Counts

  • Celebrate the National Days of Kindness with every season

  • Promote Hope and Renewal in a world that urgently needs it

  • Underscore how CARING Beats conflict

These are only some of what we’re producing. Each video spreads Kindness of the Heart for all to see.

Kindness of the Heart partners are found on both sides of the Atlantic. They include NGO’s and nonprofits, humanitarian organizations, universities, school systems, faith-based entities, government agencies, and businesses. Please contact us at to learn more.


When it comes to caring…We’re ALL In This Together!

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