Share the Lessons of Your Life

Tough times hit when you least expect it. You know what they can do to parents, children, and families.
Fortunately, life has taught you things to help a parent find their way. Maybe that’s why you learned them.

Create happy endings over the phone in the Family Referral Network!
• You’ll only spend an hour per week (or less) on the telephone from the comfort of home
• The person you mentor is going through stuff that you can relate to, but it’s not too much to handle
• You make every call according to your schedule; they can never call without your consent
• The person you mentor only knows you by first name (and vice-versa)
• You know what they’re going through in advance; they know what you bring to the table
• We’re there if the conversation goes off course, and mental health professionals are on call
• Your dialogue only lasts as long as you think it’s doing any good
All information is totally confidential


helpingOur Parental Mentoring Initiative serves parents of kids from 11-17 who may be about to go on the wrong track.  Please click here to enroll as a Mentor, or here to learn more.

Our Motherhood Mentoring Initiative serves mothers of young children up to 8. They’re dealing with personal and family challenges that you can help them through.  Please click here to enroll as a Mentor, or here to learn more



Our connections help families keep it together

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