Kindness Of The Heart Is Everywhere

Here’s our chance to pay tribute to the caring spirit that’s everywhere in our world. Let’s give kindness the recognition it deserves.

We know that so-called popular culture presents a distorted view of violence and suffering, and how our everyday lives are nothing like that.  Its unhealthy impact is only one way that our natural kindness is being weakened by suspicion, fear and paranoia.  This epidemic of negativity urgently needs an antidote.

Kindness of the Heart addresses it by visually celebrating the good works that connect every community and sustain every culture.  Every video example shows how caring is much more common than cruelty and conflict.

Join us in celebrating the positive…it’s easy!

Just send a smartphone video that describes someone who deserves a

Family Flame Award and worldwide recognition as the
Parent, Spouse, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, Volunteer of the Year, and more

Or one that illustrates
Random Acts of Kindness, Praise and Gratitude, Kindness in Adversity, and more

Or one that demonstrates why
A caring organization deserves to be honored for their Excellence in Service


Thank you for sending your video to


Each Family Flame Award will be presented at the

Ninth Annual International FAM Awards later this year.


YOUR Kindness Brightens Our World!

 8th Annual Awards Ceremony 

Part 1

Part 2


Part 3

7th Annual Awards Ceremony

6th Annual Awards Ceremony

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