The 4th Annual National FAM Awards

Friday, November 22

(the Friday before Thanksgiving)

Tampa, Florida


This Awards Ceremony is the perfect climax to our year-long celebration of the positive.

Our stars shine brighter than actors, athletes, and others who may not always deserve their fame. They come from all over North America thanks to videos we’ve been receiving throughout 2019. We honor real-life sincerity instead of performances (with all due respect to the silver screen).

Kindness may be its own reward, but we’re sweetening the pot anyway. Read on for the Categories of Awards!


Who wins a Family Flame Award?

We’re honoring these deserving people for their giving spirit:

The Parent, Spouse, Sister/Brother, Son/Daughter, and Volunteer of the Year


We’re also honoring these examples of actions that warm hearts everywhere:

Random Acts of Kindness, Praise & Gratitude, and Kindness to & from Animals and Kind Initiatives & Programs.

So what will they win?

We’re glad you asked!

  • 1st Prize The Family Flame Award (shown above) and a $100 gift card
  • 2nd Prize A framed certificate and a $50 gift card
  • 3rd Prize A framed certificate and a $25 gift card

As well as all the publicity we can generate…no small amount, we promise!

…and the gratitude of a nation that can use all the positive examples it can find

What's more, we'll be doing it again next year! Stay tuned.

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