The clock is ticking on more than just “60 Minutes”…

A lot of people are convinced that we’re losing our way. For many, optimism is being replaced by fear about the future. More people feel more vulnerable at a time when our world seems unfocusedFamily-help1 on what really matters.


The natural kindness found in every community and culture fades when the caring
spirit of “We’re all in this together” is distracted by the fool’s gold of “I’ve got (or
will do anything to get) mine.” The unkind actions that flow from that flawed attitude
not only cause misery and suffering, but are given an undeservedly prominent
place in popular culture. They’re even glorified in some quarters.

That’s why For The Family has been spreading Kindness of the Heart since 2016.
What began as a regional observance is now a thoroughly international celebration
of the positive. Nearly 200 Family Flame Award nominations were submitted by
kind people and organizations from every continent except South America prior to
the 8th Annual National FAM Awards in 2023. 

Here are the links to that Ceremony, which we feel rivals the Academy Awards:

Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:

Plenty of other examples of kindness in action are at YouTube For The Family:

We’re Always Happier When We’re Kind

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