Motherhood Mentoring Initiative

Be a Guardian Angel When It Really Counts

motherhoodmentoringAlmost every parent can use a hand to stay on course. It’s even more urgent when life gets tough.

You can turn mountains into molehills for expectant mothers, and parents of children ages 0-8.

Please click here to enroll as a Mentor.

  • You only need to spend an hour per week on the telephone from the comfort of home
  • The person you mentor is going through stuff that you can relate to, but it isn’t too much to handle
  • You make every call according to your schedule; they cannever call without your consent
  • The person you mentor only knows you by first name (and vice-versa)
  • You know what they’re going through in advance; they know what you bring to the table
  • We’re there if the conversation goes off course, and mental health professionals are on call
  • Your dialogue only lasts as long as you think it’s doing any good
  • All information is totally confidential

We make it easy for a little TLC to go a long way!

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