For The Family lives by that headline.

That’s why we urge vulnerable people (and the agencies that serve them) to speak up and be heard in the Family Town Hall Series.  If you’re having trouble making ends meet, come join our Family Forum at 2:30 on July 12 at the Town n’Country Library in Tampa.  The time for caring compassion is NOW.

We want to hear from folks like 77-year old Lonnie F. of St. Petersburg.  His dilemma seems like an unstoppable tidal wave.  Lonnie is a retired truck driver and construction worker who receives Social Security and food stamps along with Medicare.  He recently had to move into a less expensive apartment because there wasn’t enough to make ends meet.  The Pinellas Opportunity Council paid Lonnie’s electric utility deposit, but his fixed income only leaves about $50 each month after he pays for rent and food.

Unfortunately, Lonnie’s electric and water bills are expected to be about $150/month until they are eventually included in his rent.  He sees what’s coming, but doesn’t know what to do since his income from odd jobs will largely be eaten up by reduced benefits: “How am I going to get this money? It almost makes you want to do something illegal.”

At a time when policymakers want to keep tightening the vise on the vulnerable, it’s time to realize that “There but for the Grace of God go I.”

Our agency also mentors parents and shines a light on the good that people do for their families.  Click on our mentoring or giving option at to learn more.

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