As a former reporter, I know when important details turn into the same stuff, different day.  It’s reached that point now.  Here’s what we need to know:    1) The next 2-3 weeks are going to be unbelievably grim.  2) Stay at home as much as possible to protect ourselves and others.  3) Cherish the folks who help keep us together, and who get the same strength from us.  4) Remember that this too shall pass.  Here’s what we need to ignore:  1) Every last little bit of depressing info.  2) Government officials who try to seem certain about that which no one can predict.  3) The constant drumbeat of COVID-19 references in self-serving commercials and media promos.  We pretty much know what’s coming, and now’s the time to simply endure.  Pay it forward and pass it on.

It shows the power of a kind flame in the darkness

Keep your kind flame lit

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