Unbelievable events test the best of us.

Staying positive through our trials is a consistent message in these posts.  I dearly hope you’re doing that.

Sometimes, regaining a positive outlook is our only hope after unspeakable things happen.  If that sounds like you, I dearly hope you will.

A close friend is in that situation and needs your prayers and best wishes.  His kindness and dedication to family and friends is a worthy model. This makes the fact that his daughter and son-in-law were killed in an auto accident on Christmas Day even more cruel.

I saw him briefly today for the first time since it happened.  He is bearing up as well as can be expected, but the depth of his grief is impossible to fully grasp.  This is where faith in the future has to come in.  I truly believe that his inner goodness will eventually help to restore his emotional health.  I truly believe that our inner goodness will eventually help us to restore sanity from the chaos, even though it sometimes seems deeper than our capability to recover.

May God make it so for him, and for us.  Blessings For The Family…Ward

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