The phrase “we’re all in this together” has now become a constant mantra.  The problem is that too often, it’s being said in one form or other by businesses that I don’t believe cared about anything but our money before everything changed.  That nagging thought found its voice after seeing an ad by a local association of new car dealers.  Their jingle was “You’ll be there for us and we’ll be here for you.”  The ad showed a generic shot of groceries delivered to some family but didn’t mention any economic support they were giving to people in need.  Then, I realized that they want our money to be “there” for them and of course they would be waiting “here” to give a car in return.  So we’re supposed to ignore economic realities for their benefit?  Something to think about.  Pay it forward and pass it on.

so now WE'RE needed?

Show me the money?


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