Community Mentoring Initiative

communitymentoringYour Wisdom is Priceless

Life is teaching you how to deal with challenges even if they seem overwhelming or unimportant.

The lessons you learn don’t come easy, but they can make life easier for someone else.

As with our other mentoring services, the Community Mentoring Initiative connects you in a weekly telephone dialogue with another adult.  All you need is a long-distance calling plan to create happy endings from anywhere in America!

They’re going through a situation that you can relate to.  Your guidance would not only help them, but you might even feel like there was a purpose for the troubles you’ve endured.

Click here to enroll as a Mentor.  You can help someone put problems in their place.
Click here to provide tax-deductible support where it will do the most good.

We make it easy for a little mentoring to go a long way:

  • You only need to spend an hour per week on the telephone from the comfort of home
  • The person you mentor is going through stuff that you can relate to, but it isn’t too serious
  • You make every call according to your schedule; they can never call without your consent
  • The person you mentor only knows you by first name (and vice-versa)
  • You know what they’re going through in advance; they know what you bring to the table
  • We’re there if the conversation goes off track, and have access to professional mental health expertise if necessary
  • Your dialogue only lasts as long as you think it’s doing any good
  • All information is totally confidential
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